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An unforgetable evening with an over 70 years old lengendary artist

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I have just attended a concert performed by an over 70 years old artist . He have sung more than 20 songs non-stop. Cannot believe that he still can sing so well  .
It is hard to believe that he still can sing most of the high notes for the price of around HK$500. I dig out an old Leitz 10X25 binocular . Just perfect full length of the artist.
The name of the artist is Gordan Lightfoot. I believe that he is the legend of the legend with an great price  

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 樓主| 發表於 2015-6-30 04:26:02 | 顯示全部樓層
It is quite amazing that I assumed, when you are getting old . You lost your high pitch. But I found out that his high note still at a comfortable level. The low bass is not as solid as he used to be. When he performed the "if you can read my mind", "carefree highway", "sun....." , they showed. But his performance is incredible
Great for an old legendary artists. Especially when sang "Early morning rain " The original song writer , in compare with Elvis, peter ,paul and mary, Kingston trios. That send out an impressive messages   
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