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Couples begging three days income 3700 yuan reluctant government to accept

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's cultural plaza most people wearing a thick coat, a space in front of the monument on the ground, one with a tape recorder music begging middle-aged man stood bare upper body, but many people in passing, will be thrown into the Pentagon, one yuan, five yuan, the nominal value of the plastic box in front of him inside different money. When 10 o'clock, the reporter with the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the city rescue shelter and Fucheng District Civil Affairs Bureau, community workers, volunteers persuasion linkage street outreach team, patrolling the Cultural Square, found the beggars, city rescue shelter Station Long Tang Dexing one recognized him after repeated persuasion are reluctant to aid the relief stations in Jiangxi Linchuan into membership of a professional beggars tube. Don owners lamented that,louboutin pas cher, because persuasion has repeatedly into relief stations are reluctant to accept assistance,jordan pas cher femme, last winter, the city had the tube in a rescue shelter Jiangxi directly back home, I did not expect the Chinese New Year has not been finished, he came in Mianyang begging it. Reporter approached carefully observed, lay bare neck tube on a skateboard, left leg slightly disability, bare body was red with cold, his voice trembling too. "Why are naked, and not cold " The reporter asked. Pipe a surprising answer: "Of course cold ah,boutique louboutin, but do not give money to the naked nobody." A pipe, told reporters his trip to Mianyang already more than a month, staying in a hotel Hing cotton,tiffany outlet italia, day out every day begging, one day earn tens of dollars,christian louboutin paris, the hundred dollars of income, than at home Labor earn more, so do not want to go home. In repeated persuasion rescue personnel, the tube although they are still reluctant to accept a bailout, but also do not want to go home, but finally left the park wearing cotton. Couples begging: 3 days income 3700 yuan yesterday, the linkage group has come to inspect the train station, holy Temple, and alarm Street, Pro Park mouth, People's Park and near the pedestrian bridge and other personnel likely to have vagrants and beggars sleeping places, as well as professional beggars Lots of people prone to carry out joint relief operations persuasion. In these large crowd downtown area, the staff from time to time to see, or those "old faces." In the train station,tiffany outlet roma, rescue personnel persuasion morning saw four consecutive professional beggars, many of whom are rescue shelter a few times back home, not long after they ran out of foreign professional beggars. City rescue shelter, the official said, which Zhu from jiange, is four times begging to be back home again Mianyang, there is still a middle-aged couple from Anhui Province, Mianyang perennial begging, no matter how persuasive are reluctant go home. City rescue shelter staff reluctantly said, the couple also told him to show off their "business" is good, in Mianyang three days time begging to 3,700 yuan of money, income is high, stronger than go to work,hogan scarpe outlet, so do not want to go back . Rescue shelter facilities comparable to the hotel, please do not come professional beggars City rescue shelter: Guanchiguanzhu gave ticket "We can accept the station be rescued hundreds of objects every day, relief stations where there is a special canteen,scarpe hogan outlet, food and relief management Like each of the three aid workers live in one room, the room has a toilet, toiletries. 24 hours a day on the station staff on duty, responsible for safety management and rescue services objects. " Yesterday, the reporter arrived at the outskirts of the city of Mianyang aid station to see where all the facilities, matching set comparable hotel. City rescue shelter responsible person briefed reporters and management of hospitality. "Our principle is to rescue 'voluntary aided, unpaid assistance,'" explained head of the city rescue shelter, relief shelters mainly for vagrants and beggars in need, most of these people are cheated out of workers, tracing is not met, be Pirates robbed and other temporary fall into the plight of the people. Relief shelters to provide for these people food, clothing, shelter and other aspects of convenience and, if necessary, to send their ticket home. And for vagrants and beggars in the streets, the city has a street patrol rescue shelter staff conduct regular inspections to see homeless people, beggars, or life without the other person will take the initiative came to ask, as long as the parties are really hard and are willing to be of assistance , you can come to the rescue shelter. Meanwhile, the main city of Mianyang City rescue shelter also various streets, homeless people set up community rescue point, more power to help mobilize many vagrants and beggars. The initiative: the public is advised rational government departments to provide relief for charity, why professional beggars would rather sleep on the street do not want to accept  Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the relief stations, the official said, the work in this situation is their headache problem. Professional beggars groups tend to appear mainly in remote and poor rural areas of Henan, Anhui, Gansu and other places, begging their revenues and have a fixed residence,giubbotti woolrich, as a day to go to work as beggars. "Treat professional beggars, we can do to discourage." Inspections persuade officials said, for the professional beggars,hogan rebel outlet, the state has not issued the relevant law clearly does not allow its begging, no department can force them off. To this end, Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and relief stations, urban community workers Fucheng District, yesterday took to the streets,woolrich outlet online, focused on the national homeless aid management policy approach to advocacy introduction. City rescue shelter specially issued thousands of copies of the written proposal, urged the public to be rational and good deeds of charity, begging in the face of the elderly, disabled or minors, please dial "110", escorted by patrol to rescue City station; encountered in critically ill patients, the mentally ill vagrants and beggars, please dial "120", and they are escorted to the government-designated hospital for treatment; Try not to be blind to the professional beggars alms,giubbotto peuterey, do not encourage this alone Beggars can get lucrative revenue trend. (Mianyang Evening News)


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