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Barber shop called the hospital sent Barber was ordered renamed AIC









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Fat hospital." Recently,air jordan homme, after the media reported that the business sector involvement Grace Yang District,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, a three-piece hanging signs are off. I wonder if the owner signs the approval Eun Yang District to the streets, there is an appearance of a very humble little barber shop, but its Shop Name - "Sea Wazi Hair Academy" is very pull the eye. She has kids store is open. She has said that the barber shop opened three years,hogan rebel uomo, its name is the child (sea Wazi) taken. When asked whether the Shop Name approval by the business sector,peuterey roma, She surprised: "We do not know even approval ." She has considered, its name is not misleading to the people, the people who read the book to understand how the back thing. "This obviously is the limelight, to raise awareness thing." Neighborhood residents say will look after everyone smile,louboutin soldes, but there was still something wrong. Curiously, shop signs hung up on this for three years, did not say in which department. Ordered the rectification has been renamed to "shape" recently,hogan olympia, after the media reported the matter aroused the attention of the relevant authorities. Huaxi City Reader reporter saw the original shop controversial move has returned "true colors" by the "sea Wazi Hair Academy" into a "sea Wazi shape." Yang said the owner,hollister italia, did not notice when the relevant provisions of the advertisement was named, since there are issues to be questioned, change it as it should be, and in the book industry and commerce department issued the day after the rectification,peuterey outlet, the name will be corrected themselves over . TU staff Chao Yang District Trade and Industry Bureau introduced,talon louboutin, they noticed the media coverage, then the investigation would understand that the move violated the relevant provisions of the store name individuals Regulations, and ordered business owners rectification. Will further increase the market inspection efforts,braccialetto tiffany, refining the regulatory content,peuterey outlet bologna, business owners neglect to shop before the move to regulate and guide the font size,nike air jordan pas cher, and enhance awareness of legitimate business owners to avoid the recurrence of a similar phenomenon. Huaxi City Reader reporter Xie Ying Li Jicheng


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