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致 HKLFC 會友,

本網站上星期五(8月2日)遭駭客入侵,蓄意惡性破壞, 我們相信是與近來在網上的爭論, 及管理員處理事情的手法有關; 亦不否定可能有其他因素. 為保障會員資料, 當時決定即時暫停本網所有活動. 伺服器供應商也提供了相應措施. 我們同時向警方備案; 並同意留意今後事情的發展.

HKLFC可以在快樂的氣氛下成長, 十年來並非偶然. 網友要求的是一个愉快閑逸的平台, 來分享經驗和樂趣. 我們會堅持這個原則, 希望各網友繼續支持.
謝謝 !

HKLFC 管理團隊.

Dear HKLFC Members,

HKLFC website was the target of malicious hacking last Friday. This incident may be related to recent confrontations on our website and the manner of which our administrators handled the matter. Since we were not able to completely rule out other possible causes at the time, we decided to temporarily shutdown the website in order to protect the data and privacy of our members. Our hosting service also took the appropriate steps to reinforce the protection of site data. We have also reported the incident to the police and they will be assisting us if any suspicious activity continues.

Our members have made HKLFC a cheerful place for sharing experiences and memories. This is the principle that we have come to value and abide by. We look forward to your continued support in growing the HKLFC community for which we all share.

HKLFC Management Team


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