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伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃 2013 Fotanian Open Studios 2013

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About Fotanian Open Studios
The Fotanian Open Studio event brings together a vibrant community of artists and art lovers who transformed industrial lofts into art studios. With the migration of industries to the Mainland, our local creative have started to take refuge in the spacious lofts of vacant industrial buildings since 2000.
Fotanian Open Studio Programme is a major annual event in the local art scene. Every year in January, artists throw open their doors in 2 consecutive weekends to welcome the general public. We get to go behind the scene and explore their creative works, which encompass a wide array of media, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, mixed media, printmaking, installations, photographic and video works. Visitors can freely explore the artists’ workplace and hear about their artworks and art-making techniques. To foster sharing and exchange of ideas, visitors are also encouraged to engage in friendly dialogues with the artists in an approachable and open atmosphere.
With over 88 studios and over 250 artists joining hands this year, the Fotanian community is growing at an unprecedented scale.

「伙炭」意謂一群在火炭工廠大廈內聚集,對藝術充滿熱誠的一伙人。隨著本港工業北移,自2000年開始,不少本地藝術家紛紛在工廠大廈設立工作室。進 駐火炭的藝術工作者逐年遞增, 形成一個充滿活力的藝術村。
「伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃」是每年一度的本地藝術界盛事。開放日於每年1月份連續 兩個週末於火炭工業區舉行。屆時藝術家將開放他們的工作室,讓公眾人士按圖索驥 ,遊訪他們的創作天地。參與的藝術家來自不同背境,展出作品包括有繪畫、雕塑、 陶瓷、混合媒介、版畫、攝影及錄像等。觀眾在參觀各藝術家的創作天地及 體驗他們 創作歷程時,更可與藝術家直接對話,在輕鬆的氣氛下交流創作心得和經驗。
是年開放計劃亦為歷屆規模最大,集合近 250 位藝術家及 88 個工作室,讓您發掘本地 藝術的最新面貌。


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